Choose Life

How do you choose life?  My friend Tom advises me to avoid the things that lead to misery.  They might offer short term gain, but lead to long term pain.

How do you choose life?  Do some things that rejuvenate my spirit every day, like doing an anonymous good deed or playing with my dog or photographing nature. What makes your soul sing?  What connects you to a more expansive Life?

How do you choose life?  Asking, “Is this or that life-giving for me? Does it energize me?  Does it bring me into a sense of being more at home in my own skin and more at home on the face of the earth?  Does it evoke my gifts?  Does it open my eyes to the many gifts that are around me and to my opportunities to serve?  Is it upbuilding of community and of hope and of possibility?” said Parker Palmer in a film by The Work of the People.

Even in little ways, like choosing to forgive another, one can choose life every day. May you find what is life-giving for you and may you choose life today and in the days to come.