The Voice of God

Ninety percent of what’s wrong with you

could be cured with a hot bath,

says God from the bowels of the subway.

but we want magic, to win

the lottery we never bought a ticket for.

(Tenderly, the monks chant, embrace

the suffering.)  The voice of God does not pander,

offers no five year plan, no long-term

solution, nary an edict.  It is small & fond & local.

Don’t look for your initials in the geese

honking overhead or to see thru the glass even

darkly.  It says the most obvious crap –

put down that gun, you need a sandwich.

by Mary Karr

A burning bush would be nice once in a while, but I have never actually seen one. Someone asked me if I had ever seen a medical miracle and I have seen people heal, who had not been expected to survive.  So, I guess that counts.  However, it was not as dramatic as I would have liked.  I am not easy to please.

Human beings are God’s language, says Harold Kushner, author of “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.”  God’s good advice often comes to me through smart people.  “Are you hungry?  Eat something. Are you lonely?  Let’s get together. Are you tired?  Take a nap.”  Common sense.  “If you are not interested in moving to Texas, you should not interview for a job in Texas.”  Aha!

And sometimes, God’s voice is “small & fond & local,” as Mary Karr wrote.

“God Says Yes To Me”

I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic

and she said yes

I asked her if it was okay to be short

and she said it sure is

I asked her if I could wear nail polish

or not wear nail polish

and she said honey

she calls me that sometimes

she said you can do just exactly

what you want to

Thanks God I said

And is it even okay if I don’t paragraph

my letters

Sweetcakes God said

who knows where she picked that up

what I’m telling you is

Yes Yes Yes

by Kaylin Haught

God is so surprising.