Life on O’ahu

Hawaii has always been a place where I feel connected to what is beautiful, spiritual and made by the Creator. The ocean water is warm near the shore and the air is pure. My body, like Goldilocks, loves the climate on windward O’ahu, where it rains often, but not long. I was drawn to Temple Valley for its connection to the ancestors, since mine have passed away and my love for them remains significant in my life. Wherever one lives, there are ups and downs. However, nature is truly outstanding and inspiring in Hawaii.

I wrote a poem about the life of God in me in this place. It does take a few notes to understand, if you are not familiar with O’ahu:
“Akua” is God in the Hawaiian language.
“Na Mokulua” are two islets off Lanikai Beach.
“Ko’olau” are mountains on the windward side of O’ahu.

Orbiting around anxiety,
feeling powerless to do more,
I do what I can and
surrender the situation again.
I speak to Akua.

A monk seal’s black head pops up
from the surface of the sea.
Bright and curious eyes, white whiskers,
he stares and seems to smile
at us in the outrigger canoe.
Akua speaks to me.

Swimming in gentle, turquoise ocean,
the sun is warm on my back.
The watery sand is white beneath me.
Na Mokulua sit proudly on the horizon.
This moment is perfect.
I speak to Akua.

Sudden dark clouds catch us driving.
Torrents of rain begin to fall
and quickly pass over.
The sun appears across the Ko’olau;
a giant rainbow, a blessing is bestowed.
Akua speaks to me.

– Michele R. Shields