No-Matter-What Mom

Dear Mom,

It is a bit wacky to write to you now that you are gone from this life. I do talk to you when I am alone, as many people talk to their loved ones, I understand. On this Mother’s Day, I wanted to name a few of the many things, I learned from you.

First, I learned a love of reading. As a teacher and librarian, you were always recommending books and articles to people. You got Wayne and I hooked on reading by buying us comic books. Any day was not complete without a visit to a bookstore or a library. I remember how you had library cards to all the neighboring towns’ libraries and put in requests for new murder mysteries at all of them! You loved murder mysteries. We joked that heaven must be full of all the latest books. I sure hope that is true. Wayne and I are still reading like crazy. My writing is even getting published these days.

You were always so generous to the people around you. You gave your time to the fellows at the AIDS hospice where you volunteered. Baking cookies was a joy for you to share with bookstore owners, gas station attendants, and librarians, after Dad died. You threw yourself into giving to others. You were always sending articles in the mail, cut from the New York Times, specifically for me or others to read with a personal note from you. You wrote almost every day. I have tried to follow in your footsteps. Today, I will go running with a friend of a friend who is newly sober and having a hard time. She is much younger than me and I will probably die trying to keep up, but it is good to be generous with my time.

You were extremely loyal to your loved ones. I know you loved Dad, Wayne and me unconditionally. You did not approve of some of the things we did, but the bottom line stayed the same. I knew I could always find a welcome home with you. And that is what taught me about God’s love; it is like your love, Mom. You loved me no-matter-what. I bet you still do. I still love you too.